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about us

founded in 2013 in a small west village apartment, PLAY has blossomed into a team of committed, passionate experience designers and facilitators. our core team is based in LA and our clients are nationwide.


our motto is “no shoes. no judgment. just PLAY” and we stick to that. while shoes are sometimes optional at our events, judgment is not! a ‘non-judgmental’ spirit is our most important value. we embrace what is bold, silly, strange and uncomfortable. we invite you to break the rules.

we've conceived, designed and executed 50+ experiences that reach from Los Angeles to New York. our critically acclaimed silent PLAY Experiment ran for three months in downtown LA and was featured on NPR's The Frame. our clients include top management consulting firms, fortune 500 consumer brands and non-profits. we design our experiences around the goals and constraints of each unique community and location. 

our experiences

we take groups of 5 to 500 people on a journey where the only goal is to get lost — lost in time, in the moment, in your right brain and in your inner-child. sessions involve movement, meditation exercises, skits, improv, games, and other activities.


the experience does not involve eating or drinking. the goal is to relax into a playful and free state of mind without any substances.


why play?

we all play as children. it’s how we learn, create, and relate to others. for whatever reason, at a certain point in our lives, we decide we’re “too old,” “too cool,” “too professional,” or “too <whatever>” to play.


we may engage in competitive sports, grab drinks with friends, go to a concert, or do any number of other recreational activities during which we’re often following a conventional script of behavior. but for most of us, pure social and imaginative play is sorely lacking.


why does this matter?  adding more play to your life enhances creativity, improves relationships, increases your confidence, makes you feel present and joyful – oh and if you don’t care about any of that stuff, it also boosts brain function and is vital for problem solving.


do I have to play all the time to benefit from it? play is a practice – like yoga, surfing, or playing a musical instrument. It requires repetition and regularity to create lasting and noticeable transformation. we encourage all PLAY participants to continue seeking out playful experiences that stretch them and to continue playing regularly!

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