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 PLAY will transform your team culture



It was the best one-firm gathering in my entire tenure.  It was a completely immersive experience complete with rediscover-your-childhood games that linked to our values and allowed everyone to let their guards down and deepen connections.

Sheldon L, Top 3 Consulting Firm

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in order to work well together, teammates must trust one another, support one another’s creative risks and embrace everyone's unique style, personality, strengths and weaknesses. by PLAYing together as a team you can expect to:

form stronger bonds with your colleagues by sharing a new and boundary pushing

experience that opens you up and exposes the inner child within all of you.

break down built up resentment and prejudices as everyone, regardless of role or title, is playing together on equal footing, stretching and expanding together as a group.

create a “yes and” culture that supports creativity and innovation. in PLAY, you practice supporting one another’s risks with “yes-and” behavior through physical games, performances and other activities. practicing this behavior will maximize your group's innovation potential in the workplace

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